As Peter Drucker once said: Business has two functions - Innovation and marketing. We see innovation as a value creation part whereas marketing as a work of capturing the value. Creating value is tough, capturing the value is tougher.

Here at APSS Media, we see value capturing as a result of a process called relationship building.

In this Digital world, the motto of branding is inward-focused, having attention, capturing value and convert it as revenue.  Content marketing is an undisputed tactic to build a relationship with buyers, build a brand and makes revenue out of it.

In this blog post, we will see the four type of content B2B brand can use to have the ToFu and MoFu inbound worked. Firstly, we will understand the importance of blogs. Secondly, the importance of newsletters and then in the last half the growing importance of digital asset type as a podcast and interactive videos.

1. Videos

The growth of video marketing is visible. Hubspot says 72% of people likely to see the video in comparison to text. Video marketing and creatin are on the rise. All successful brands have one or other type of video in their content stack. Creating a quality video is expensive and time-consuming but it gives the best engagement that any other form of content.

With higher engagement video gives brand awareness benefits, reaching brand content to a broader audience. You can treat a long-form video as a pillar content as you can extract a podcast and blogs from a single long-form video.

Brands who often create videos are likely to accept as trustworthy. Here is everything in detail you want to know about videos: Source: HubSpot.

2. Blog:

The blogs are one of the oldest and effective ways to educate your audience about the service and product you offer. The rise of the internet allowed blogs to brand a product and services without even mentioning it. Human love to read and this habit is unlikely to go. The blog is evolving with its interactive content, supportive infographics, supportive audio and video form but it is not going anywhere soon.

Resource: How to write an effective blog?

55% of marketers say blog content creation is there for most top inbound marketing priority and why shouldn't it be? Marketers experience pool of subscribers if they consistently blog for a long time. The subscribers later could be nurtured to prospects.

Blogging helps you to increase subscribers. Here is a few benefits blogging gives:

  • Higher ROI: Blogs are easy to create and share with the audience. Unliked podcast and videos, a blog needs fewer tools and people to create. The less creation makes it effective in term of returns, as effectively use with email marketing blog can give you multifold returns
  • Awareness engine: Blogs perform well in ToFu nurturing. Customer loves to watch the demo in video forms but chose blogs and brochures to research deep. A blog can be a decision making factor behind a purchase decision.
  • Higher website visit: Blog fetch the traffic to your product or service website. Blogs provide your website with a branded context for your content. You can extend your brand without paying to anyone.
  • Some other benefits include:
  • Blogs help you to be visible to the people around the world because of the info you are providing to the world
  • Blogs help the company to improve search engine rankings via keyword-rich content, fresh content and additional indexed pages.
  • The blog is one of the fastest ways of communication between the reader and the company because it is a 24/7 communication platform where you can quickly publish favourable content about your company or respond to evolving issues.
  • Blogs facilitate the company's content distribution through multiple channels such as social media, RSS feeds and email newsletters.
  • Good quality of content can help the social media campaign
  • With the specific URL and links in the blog, the user can get to the product or services directly.


3. Weekly Newsletter

The newsletter is an inside report in the industry - created for exclusive subscribers. It is sent weekly or monthly to the audience who already know your brand. The newsletter can simply be a folder of exclusive blogs, case studies and another content form.

It is specifically designed to be useful to those users who don't have time but want to be in touch regarding the information and updates. All the content in each newsletter is automatically selected by the system when the newsletter is generated weekly to get published.

Each site on the network has its newsletter and each newsletter includes a summary regarding:

  • The Top New Questions of the week by the customers.
  • Some selected important questions from the previous week.
  • Some selected unanswered questions from the past weeks.

They may also occasionally contain important announcements from Stockholders, Exchange staff and moderators, such as information about ongoing elections or change in company's policy.

What are the benefits of delivering newsletter?

  • You can keep your fan in the loop with the brands.
  • Can earn exclusive subscribers.
  • Make the audience build relationships with your brand.
  • Move ToFu leads to MoFu.
  • Can map intent signals.


4. Podcast

We can say podcast as a new generation radio which is used to listen to educational, cultural, cooking lessons or any other kind of informatics which can help you in your daily lives. It can also be an alternative for a video.

The importance of the podcast is well heard. Almost every major content creator and brand produce a podcast as it gives some benefits blog fail at.

The growth is obvious. 62.6% of respondents said they listen to more podcasts now than they did a year ago and nearly a quarter of all listeners started in the past 6 months

There are several benefits to leveraging podcasting for a business that is:

  • New audience: A great podcast will help you get discovered by people all over the world through the Google Podcast other podcasting libraries and services which will help to make a new customer for the business.
  • Customer loyalty: If you can get people to listen and love your podcast, then you've got a loyal fan that will listen to all (or most) of your episodes which can help you to introduce new things in front of them with confidence that they are going to love it.
  • Built trust with Customer: Podcasts can provide a lot of value to the listener and gain knowledge. Offering actual value is ultimately the thing that you can do for your customer and make your brand look better.
  • Attract clients for your business: A Podcast can act as an amazing client-magnet. A successful podcast that helps you to prove your knowledge and skills can help attract clients to you. This is helpful for the company.

Using podcast for your business marketing is not a new way but an effective way to reach to your clients because a voice can act as a trust factor in the eyes of the customer.




A successful content marketing strategy is a mixture of all kind of content. Blogs are helpful to drive awareness whereas newsletter can be the best nurturing tactics. As we entering in new Digital era, the content is more focused on experience and where podcasts and video win, as they give a true content consumption experience with the highest engagement.

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