Six-Steps to Build your B2B Brand on Social Media

Six-Steps to Build your B2B Brand on Social Media. - APSS Media

Social Media can convert.

Okay. That might sound a fantasy as a B2B Brand but it is possible to fetch leads to sales pipeline through the consistent use of Social Media. 80% of Marketers use social media as a brand awareness tool and measure the success of a Social Media marketing with vanity metrics such as likes and comments. Social Media can do a lot with your brand promotion.

Social media has become an important tool for B2B companies. When it comes to marketing, brand awareness, product/service promotion and customer support with the help of social media.

The topmost social media goals B2B Marketers should have:

  1. Redirect visitors to landing pages.
  2. Accumulate contacts and power Tofu.
  3. Increase brand awareness.
  4. Keep stakeholders informed.

In the digital world, the growth of B2B brands are depending on their content marketing efforts. The major step in growing a business is establishing, nurturing and retaining relationships.  The use of Social Media is one of the easiest ways to be seen and build relationships with the stakeholders.

Here allow us to share six ways to build your B2B brand's presence on Social Media.



1. Build a persona:

A successful B2B company knows its customer. Persona is a description of how a buyer looks like. There is the utmost importance of building a persona of a buyer to establish a relationship with them.

B2B brands can use their current persona for Social Media campaigning or just simply make the new one. In our previous blog - we have explained how to build a persona. To read please visit - 'How to build persona?'

2. Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy:

'Failing to plan is planning to fail.'

80% of Marketers are more likely to achieve the goal they set than those who don't. It is pretty obvious. B2B Marketers know the importance of documenting the strategy. Be it content marketing, ABM or Social Media, Marketers should have the strategy in the stack.

Marketers should consider the persona, their business goal, and competitive analysis to develop a working social media content strategy. The goal should be SMART and aligned to the company revenue goal.

The strategy should be well accepted by all departments. People's interest is important and you as a business owner or marketing manager should ensure that you take all required steps to on-board all department to understand and contribute to social media.

The below aspects should be included in your Social Media Strategy:

  1. Persona.
  2. Competitive analysis.
  3. Budget.
  4. Social Media Channels Prioritisation.
  5. Keywords.
  6. Content Creation role.
  7. Publishing Schedule.
  8. Pre-defined measurement Metrics.
  9. Analytics tools.

3. Leverage people to create quality content:

Content is a culture. Every successful brand has some content creators on-board. There is a common myth that only content creators have the responsibilities to create content. Every persona involved in your business operation can create quality content. People want to hear what you do, how you do it and the most important why you do it. No one better than your people can tell the story of these three 'W'.

Distribute the content creation work among people and make sure trained content creators get their back. Some more steps to create quality content:

  • Choosing the correct social media platform: 

Different social media has different engagement with the user so choosing the correct social media for B2B business is more important.

There are many social media platforms which are available and on the different social media platform, people's engagement is also different.

The below chart shows how effective a specific channel is when it comes to leverage social media for B2B Marketing

Reference: -

source - sproutsocial
  • Use High-Quality Images & Videos to get more engagement:

Catching and sustaining your audience's attention on social media is an all-out competition so uploading picture while posting product/services on social in B2B it gives clear focus on your advertisement also helps to attract consumers to your business.

Some image of advertisement gives a clear identity for brand or service and high-quality images and detailed videos of the product/services helps to attract more business firms to ours.

A quick Google trends reports show that social images are so in demand that the search term "social media images" has been steadily increasing for years.

  • Keeping an active presence on your social media:

If you're a brand today, there is a non-zero chance you're on social media in some way, shape or form. But how many brands have an active, thriving social media presence? And how much of them are just sort of there? So every time your presence on social media keep your brand active and also in customer focus. Active on social media also helps to be updated with new updates i.e.- brand update, apps update.

4. Learn the science behind posting on Social Media:

Content posting is one of the top challenges social media marketers face. You can create a lot of quality content and distribute it. But not distributing it to the right audience can hinder your content marketing goal.

Marketers need to study the science behind social media algorithms to have the right reach. LinkedIn is the most effective channel in B2B Marketing. LinkedIn has algorithms that decide which content is to prioritise on people' field.   The algorithm of LinkedIn changes every year and there is no perfect way to master it. The only ways to have a hands-on it to stay updated to the latest version and experiment at a large scale.

The same goes to other Social Media channels.

5. Watch competitors.

There is no better way to reverse engineering. All successful B2B brands know their customers well. In business, we must appreciate all good thing out competitor's do - including social media.

The strategy that works for your competitor might work for you as well. There is no harm to reach out to your competitor and ask for help. We do not recommend to copy all things but we can be motivated by many things.

Your competitors have the same persona as you so it is helpful to watch out the content they post and how customers react to them.

Here are some resources that could help you do combative analysis:

6. Paid promotions:

Paid promotions are an effective way to grow. Every social media channel offers paid promotion services. Before you start a paid-promotion you have to be a focus on these factors:

  • Use keyword research tools.
  • Investigate which keywords competitor targets.
  • Compile a list of keywords in-house.
  • Find keywords with Keyword Planner from Google Ads.
  • Allocate budget.
  • Define audience.
  • Define KPIs.

Following the above things helps to target the audience according to there needs and wants. Because paying for Ads on social media it helps to give more engagement on customer and also help to reflect your Ads on more to more profiles so your Ads get maximum views.


Social Media is the hottest and cheapest way to promote your business. Before you start your social media marketing always define why do you do it and what goals do you want to achieve. Defining goals and following above proven strategy can help you broaden your reach and fetch contact in ToFu to increase the density and velocity of the pipeline.

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