6 B2B Publisher Evaluation Techniques!!

6 B2B Publisher Evaluation Techniques

The work of B2B Marketing agency is a bit overwhelming. We have been there. If B2B Marketing Agencies being asked about a common worry, they would come up with the common worry and that is ‘evaluation of a trustworthy B2B Publisher’.

We know selecting the right B2B publisher is the critical task for any B2B Marketing agency. With our well experienced with the same, we go through many up and downs while designing the perfect criteria for the publisher selection.

Do we succeed every time? No, we didn’t!! But the good news is with our constant efforts we figured out the six ways that worked fine every time. That made B2B Publisher evaluation super easy and saved our resources.

 Here we share the same with you:

1: Does the publisher have a global audience reach with compliance?


Before we start off, we would love to ask a question? What do you want to do with the  Marketing campaign? – ‘To get it delivered to the prospects, right?’

We repeat, to whom? - ‘Prospects’.

Exactly!! Prospects. Prospects can be found anywhere. In any region. In any industry. In any account. The publisher knows this thing and so it accumulates and hold a huge prospect database across any regions, from it you can choose a region, an industry and an account you want to target.

You need to find out the strength and usefulness of the database of the publisher right. Here we say, strength, it means the qualified capacity and reaches of that particular publisher.


“A smart marketer always seeks quality, regardless of quantity.”


A huge database will always be an advantage. Beyond that, you must verify the effectiveness and the compliance of that database for every region and country. CASL is effective since 2014. We all know how GDPR compliance is critical and has brought good practices along with it. Many other countries & state members are coming up with data privacy acts and we all have to be compliant with those.


2: Does the B2B publisher have the secure & innovative technology stack for the E2E process?


The next evaluation criteria are a security check. This day security of data plays a big role in brand trustworthiness. Before you allocate the campaign, dare to ask yourself, can I trust this publisher? Will it be able to keep all the assets and prospect information confidential? Won’t they invite the third party to do some operation without keeping us in a loop? And If they claim high security, do they really have enough technical support to do so?

Always ensure and verify every minor security issue that makes you concerned. Never be so lazy to read the privacy policy of a publisher, revisit the GDPR compliance policy for the EU region and the same for every region and county they are on to the target.


3: Do they have a healthy work culture?  


When we say culture, we mean the influence the publisher has on its stakeholders and vice versa.


           “Reputation always counts, and it travels faster than the brand.”

External and internal stakeholders always influence the operation, effectiveness, and productivity of an organization.    

External: Investors and partners’ perspective about a publisher and its trustworthiness. Are they positive about the growth and vision of the company?

Internal: Employees skill abilities and perspective about a publisher. A LinkedIn premier offering like employee growth insights will help you analyze the growth journey of the publisher. Further, you can check Glassdoor employees reviews about the publisher so you will get an understanding of their way of management and leadership.

A negative culture never inspires innovation and productivity. It just not affects a company itself but its clients too. A publisher with poor culture should be out from your list, and the good one must get a higher ranking.


4: Does the Publisher have rich service offerings that support your higher ROI goal?


Now let’s talk about the heart of the successful campaign, the services a publisher offers!! The publisher must be fluent in services it is offering. To hire the right publisher, you must answer some questions -


Is your marketing campaign in a digital or a traditional form and the publisher is able to implement in on the required platform?

The marketing campaign you are intending to allocate to the publisher must be either in a traditional (print) format or in a digital format. Some marketing campaign required both the marketing way for successful implementation. It is better to verify the capabilities of a publisher before you hand over the campaign.


Do they have a deep understanding of B2B and B2C campaigns?

The publisher needs to be smart enough to sort out the type of campaigns. B2B Marketing is not the same thing as B2C. B2B Marketing is a much more complex and long-term process. The publisher must excel in the art of marketing according to the requirement.


Does the publisher has access to the marketing channel the campaign needs to be delivered through?

As you are aware, there are many marketing channels such as email marketing, telemarketing, Social Media Marketing, and live events. Does the publisher have the multi-channel campaign delivery capacity for the marketing campaigns?


What is the average ROI behind every campaign?

It is smart to analyze the success rate of a publisher before allocating the campaign.


5: What Quality checks that publisher goes through before delivering the lead?


Getting the prospect moving forward in marketing pipeline to the MQL is indeed dedicated task, we agree. But what makes a publisher decide the lead is qualified for the next stage of funnel or not? There is a different opinion of different publisher about the quality check, we listened to everyone possible and worked on the best one that worked out effectively.

  1. LinkedIn profile verification.

  2. Valid Email id check and verification
  3. On telephone interaction and verification
  4. Matching the campaign specs


6: What publisher’s Digital and Physical footprint look like?


We all do this, after getting a list of publisher we get busy verifying them on Social Media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. It’s a great move to ensure trustworthiness.


“Everything on the internet seems cool. Isn’t it? We give you a thought to move on the ground and visit the physical infrastructure of the publisher.”

But what about the visit. When you finally make your mind to allocate the campaigns to the publisher, it is the right time to ask them, to ask them whether will your team have the chance to meet their team? If everything finds in a place and they impress you. It will give your leadership assurance and confidence to be a partner with a team.


Bottom Line:


“Measure twice, cut once.”


  1. Learn about the ‘reach’ness.
  2. Ensure security.
  3. Reputation counts.
  4. Know the service offering.
  5. Quality first.
  6. Map existence.


Like the pilot always follow before take-off checklist, it is necessary to follow these six screening criteria before the marketing campaign takes off to the publisher.

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