Why 2020 is a Digital Transformation year for your business?

Why 2020 is a Digital Transformation year for your business? - APSS Media

What is digital transformation?

There are enough keywords as Digital Transformation on the internet right now. The current happening has shaken the way human work and shifted business operations to digital.

Business transformation is focused on enhancing consumer experience and empowering people at workplaces.

It's a change that requires business organizations to change the working fundamentals according to the new technology. Digital Transformation will look different for every company because of its business nature and their operations, it can be hard to give an accurate definition of that all digital technology, how they apply according to their business organization.

However, in general terms, we define digital transformation it is the usage of digital technology into all of the business areas to result in fundamental changes to how businesses can operate and how they deliver valuable services to their consumers.

Why digital transformation is necessary for the year 2020?

In this year 2020, it has turned into one of the most turbulent years in this recent history, for that many of industry are choosing the digital transformation for business to operate in this situation.

we have to adopt this digital transformation to survive in our business.  it may have seemed like companies have a difficult time to implement digital strategies and technologies into their workflow to in this situation. But now, with the help of traditional communications and different online marketing channels, we can survive our business in this situation.

The group of your customers that are found online is a much larger group of people than you are likely to be able to attract locally. Using digital marketing, you can reach onto the large audience in a way that is both cost-wise and measurable to provide better services.

Four benefits of transforming digitally:


  1. Operational efficiency:

Enabling digitally eliminate the hiccup in operations. Digital integrates your teams and make the team communication effective.

Digital enablement to operations helps to eliminate hurdles in communication when teams are working remotely, one of the topmost challenges in operation is to communicate effectively and collaborate smoothly.

When we straighten digital infrastructure we help people in their daily operations. This establishment can help businesses to ramp up productivity in this challenging time.     

  1. Revenue driven Marketing:

If there is an area which is benefited significantly because of digital transformation then it is a marketing operation. Let's learn how digital enablement helps marketing for all sectors:

a. Quick and Fast Service:

The quick-service of online marketing is one of the biggest advantages of digital marketing. The digital platform has extremely easy accessibility with consumers using the digital platform to markets anywhere in the world. This is the reason why purchasing goods from across the nation reduces the cost of transportation.

b. Using Low-Cost Operations and broad reach:

One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing for businesses is its low operating cost and broad access to the audience. You can advertise at a low cost with online marketing than with traditional advertisements such as newspaper ads, television ads, and radio. In online marketing, you can use many options to operate your business on the digital platform.

c. Measure and Track Business Results:

With online marketing, your business can utilize varying tools like tracking the results of your Advertisement and also help to measure how many customers visited the advertisement. Using these tools, you can also measure and track the also progress of your marketing campaign in detailed graphics. And it will help to measure and track the results that give your business a better idea of how your campaign is working and it also gives you an idea of how you can better grow your traffic, leads, sales, and conversions.

d. Global Marketing:

This will give you the ability to market your products and services globally and this one is the biggest advantage of global marketing for your business. With online marketing, you can easily reach beyond your geography to offer your products or services to customers across the nation. In worldwide you can target your audiences where you can easily reach them 24/7 and from any country all over the world.

e. Ability to Multitask:

One of the core benefits of online marketing is its ability to handling millions of customers at the same time. As long as a website are user friendly and easy to understand by the user, some of the big online transactions can easily take place simultaneously. However, even with a large number of transactions taking place, your website is capable of providing a better service to every customer who makes a purchase online with a digital platform, without any risk and fear.

        3. Cultural reform:

Your people are the most important asset you have, invest regularly in them. Digital tools help your people do better and be productive. It is seen that productive people are more likely to be happy and the happy people seem to more creative and innovative.

Creativity and innovation are an important aspect of the business - digital enablement brings these both in culture. Decision-makers topmost priority must be using the best digital tool to bring teams together - for better growth.

     4. Better Consumer experience:

The modern consumer demands great experience. Be it a consumer-focused product or a business service, providing a great consumer experience is the best strategy.

Digital tools and platform help businesses to improve communication and feedback with consumers.

The abstract from our Digital experience for B2B Business focused blog is:

How Digital transformation helps people?

  1. Training
  2. Collaborating
  3. Achieving

Supplementary info: Let me show you how the digital transformation time frame and growth rate.

2020 will be a year of some reckoning for digital initiatives. Organizations that continue to underestimate the need for culture change do so at their peril. And when thinking about 2020, Business should be prepared not only to lead a greater cultural shift in the enterprise but also to prepare for direct shifts in the IT service provider sector, for reason is that business has a better opportunity while using digital transformation and it will also help to grow the business.


Due to this situation of COVID-19, many businesses are not available to provide services and also not able to cover ROI, as we know there is a lot problem are badly effecting the business environment so growing our business in this pandemic situation is not possible, so we have to take our business on the digital platform to grow our business in this situation, as many businesses are accepting the digital transformation so to sustain in this environment other business also have to convert their business onto the digital platform.

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