Digital Brand b2b

Digital Brand b2b


B2B Global Brand Building Tips in the Digital World.

Branding is important to communicate, to build relationships and to be accepted by its audience and consumers. The habit of consumers to interact with brands is normal and a recent study proved that consumers see the brand as trustworthy if they could see them, and communicate with them. Consumers are opting to see the brands online and It is where B2B brands needed to build their online presence. In this blog post, with our experience, we will share the tips that will help your B2B brand build a digital brand which is trusted and accepted.

Before we understand the methods of building a brand online, let's learn some fundamental of a branding.

  • Branding for a business is as a personality for a person.
  • Like a person, the brand has opinions, own philosophy and values.
  • Branding built to mere increase revenue won't succeed.
  • Branding is not the work of a person but for teams.
  • It takes time, efforts and patience to see your brand grow.
  • Digital is just a channel - like print and event.
  • Focus on the core of branding - that is relationship building - and customize it for channels.

How to build a B2B brand on the internet/online?

Online branding has many aspects. The audience, channel and content. Before one starts a campaign we need to know who we want to deliver the content. It is where the role of persona building comes in picture. The channels are a platform where we can publish the content to the people who fit the persona.

Social Media is a major group of channels. Besides, social media, SEO and paid ads also help your brand to reach the right audience. Let's focus on social media here, putting SEO and paid ad to the other group.

1. Priorities right social media platform:

Every business has to have priorities platforms from where they can communicate and share content to the right audience. So that it's easy for them to find their ideal customer for the product.  It helps to start pitching them with emails and content that they could attract their attention towards their product. B2B marketing is a kind of personalized form of marketing.

B2B Business can choose from many channels such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Quora, Twitter, Reddit and more.

With no further facts - LinkedIn is the right platform for B2B brands. LinkedIn has over 600 million users allowing all type of professional share and builds a network. LinkedIn is well known for its value delivering. Every B2B brands and leader are active on LinkedIn, including your customers. LinkedIn offers B2B Marketers solutions to grow brands. Here are some interesting LinkedIn statistics.

Source: 99firms.

  • 90 million senior-level influencers and 63 million decision-makers use LinkedIn.
  • 92% of Fortune 500 companies use LinkedIn.
  • 97% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as a content distribution channel.
  • Only 3 million LinkedIn users share content every week.
  • In 2016, LinkedIn users published 130,000 posts monthly.
  • LinkedIn is responsible for 80% of B2B leads from social media.

Twitter and Instagram also help B2B brands to connect with the end consumer. While you focus on LinkedIn, it is a strategically good move to create content for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to keep people other than prospects engaged with your brands.

2. Onboard Content Creators, Digital Manager and Promoters:

For small businesses, it is a well strategic investment to hire content creators and digital Promoters.

Content is king. No brand can build a relationship without creating content. B2B brands need to create more content that is educating and entertaining.

Besides creating content, we need people who are skilled to manage and promote it. It is sane to hire digital marketers and promoters to deliver content to prospects and audience.

Specifically talking about social media, we need the Genius to handle complete social media. Who has the complete knowledge to run a campaign and he can help the company to generate leads for them. Social Media manager should know the complete game plan of how to make their product visible to the world.

In this blog post, we have explained how to brand your B2B brand on Social Media.

3. Create Quality Content:

There are only two ways to power your Digital Strategy, everything comes between and around this two.

The first one: Create Quality Content

The second one: Deliver smartly.

A B2B brand must create all forms of content from blogs to videos to keep stakeholder updated with industry knowledge.

Clever distribution channels should be the next step in social media marketing. In our last post - we have explained 4 types of quality content that helps your B2B brands to get engaged more by the audience.

The content that they publish on the website or advertisements should communicate the customer so that they can relate it to their needs and want and finally after buying it the satisfy themselves and give great reviews towards their product and make a strong customer base for their products and services.

Beyond Social Media:

4. SEO:

Social Media has many prone and some cons. The content published on social media have less life and also fail to document the pillar content.

The oldest strategy to build a long life presence is optimizing your brand for SEO. SEO gives you broad coverage and enable inbound technique of marketing, it is done on websites, blogs and other digital assets. 

Here you can read how to do SEO for your B2B brands: (These are outbound sources proven to work for many brands)

Some helpful tools for SEO:

5. Find influencers related to your product:

Influencer marketing is on the boom. B2B is not untouched from this trend either. Finding an influencer for your product helps your brand to reach the maximum audience.

An influencer well connected to your target audience who is an inspiration of millions of people can promote your product in just a few seconds.

This will help the company to make its brand name visible and the followers of those influencers will buy the product because of their ideal. Who just mentioned the name of the product once.

6. Data Analyst: 

Data has a big role in marketing and branding.

It's important to have a data analyst in your team who can study the pattern of consumer buying behaviour.

Various analytics services like Social Media analytics - LinkedIn and Facebook offer analytics platform to the content. CMS has inbuild insight tools that help content creators to monitor, optimize and personalised the content.

With data, we can study the consumer and their needs and wants. By which we can suggest products with the help of mails and pop up which would be visible on their screen and they would get interested in our product.


In the end, we are humans and humans love to connect, build relationships and interact with each other. On a high level, we buy from a person or a brand we see trustworthy. B2B is no exception. Branding is important and building a trustworthy brand is the work of people, ideas, content and technology. Bottom line, we need branding -  to sale, to sustain and to grow.


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